Keyboard Markings for Improvisation

Improvise on Scales and Chords

Scales and chords are shown as markings on the keyboard, enabling you to improvise fluently even on complex chords and scales you don't have internalized yet.

Keyboard Markings for Improvisation

Find suitable Chords

Klimper shows chords that are available in a given scale sorted by complexity. When playing melodies, Klimper highlights suitable chords based on the interval that sounded last, so you can instantly discover various possible harmonizations and progressions. When playing chords or intervals, Klimper highlights related chords. You can intuitively control the desired degree of relationship simply by varying the played subsets of the original chord's intervals. This also enables you to explicitly specify the notes that you want to focus on when searching for the next chord for your progression.

Keyboard Markings for Improvisation

Find Scales

Find scales by selecting a set of notes directly on the keyboard. This is great when you're looking for a modulation that sustains your melodic leitmotif!

Keyboard Markings for Improvisation

Compose Chords Sequences

While exploring and improvising, just drag and drop chords you like to a designated area and create beautiful chord progressions. You can even change a chords position by swiping through it's inversions!

Keyboard Markings for Improvisation


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